“No environmental issue in America is improved by increasing the U.S. population,

and mass immigration is now the main driver of population growth in the USA.”


                                                                                                                             John Brainard, March 2015






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Democrats for Reasonable & Responsible Immigration (DRRI) Supports the Following Policies and Goals:


1. Keeping the USA’s population from ever going above ˝ billion.  This means an official national goal of ˝ billion people or less for the peak population of the USA.

2. Absolutely not more than an average of 500,000 (˝ million) new permanent immigrants and/or refugees into the USA each year for the foreseeable future. Eventually as low as approximately 300,000/year, if necessary, for getting the United States’ population to a sustainable level.

3. A universal, national, mandatory E-Verify system for all employers. Enforcing current laws & creating new laws where necessary to strictly punish employers that hire short-term or long- term unauthorized workers.  Use large fines to severely punish American employers that hire unauthorized workers. Leave the undocumented workers alone – their lives are tough enough (unless they’ve committed a felony such as identity theft – for example stealing someone’s Social Security number).

4. The completion and implementation of a biometric entry-exit tracking system at all ports-of-entry within the United States, so we have a better idea of who’s entering and leaving our country.

5. No more extended family immigration – just because a person is a permanent immigrant in the USA won’t mean that the rest of his or her extended family (cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews etc.) can migrate to the USA.

6. A yearly environmental impact statement (EIS) for each year’s projected immigration levels (I think it’s already required by law but is not enforced).

7. A work permit and a pathway to eventual permanent residency and citizenship for undocumented, non-felon, long-term immigrants that are currently in the USA if the first six requirements are fully initiated and if various other citizenship requirements are passed. This also includes reunification of immediate family members currently living outside the USA with their families in the USA.

8. A more humane attitude towards refugees and asylum seekers, and an increase in the number accepted into the USA from the low Trump levels. A large increase in the number of immigration judges to take care of the backlog of asylum applications and to promote prompt decisions on future asylum applications. 

9. The creation of an independent agency or organization, perhaps financed by the U. S. and Mexican governments, to rescue dying people that were trying to cross the USA’s southern border.

10. The U.S. government must promote economic & political improvement in the home countries of people that massively migrate to the USA, as an alternative to immigration.

112. The National Democratic Party, as the party of environmental protection, American worker’s rights and human respect, should officially endorse the above eight policies and goals.






Actions that all Democrats can take to support Moderate Immigration and to stop Mass Immigration

into the USA:


a. Demand at all caucuses, conventions and other Democratic Party functions that the Party adopt the policies and goals listed above.  Demand the same of Party leaders & politicians.

b. Demand the removal of all Democratic Party leaders that support “open borders” or extreme levels of mass immigration, because a large majority of Democrats support moderate immigration.

c. Demand that the Party stop catering to short-term business interests & the mass immigration lobby and instead support the wishes of the majority of Democrats for immigration moderation.

d. Demand that the new “politically correct” position of the Democratic Party on immigration be based on the goals and policies listed above, not on letting “everyone” migrate to the USA.

e. Explain to friends and colleagues that mass immigration creates an over-supply of American workers and also makes it harder to achieve environmental & conservation goals within the USA.

f. Demand that the government promote economic & political improvement in the home countries of people that massively immigrate to the USA, as an alternative to immigration to the USA.

g. Demand that mass immigration to the USA no longer be allowed to be a “safety valve” to help inadequate, bad or horrible foreign governments stay in power, for example as in our previous  immigration policy towards Cuba.

h. Remind leaders of American environmental & conservation organizations that their job is to protect & conserve the environment, not endorse “politically correct” mass immigration bills.

i. Remind American labor leaders that their job is to support optimum conditions for American workers, not support mass immigration bills that overcrowd the American labor market.

j. Remind people that the United States can’t possibly accommodate the one to two billion people (at least that many people) who would like to immediately become American citizens.

k. Remind the “open borders” people that American citizenship is a privilege legally granted to a relatively small number of people by the American people, not a worldwide human right.

l. Remind people that the USA is the “home” of the American people and American citizens have the right to decide (democratically through their government) how many people they let move into their home.

m. Remind people that it should absolutely not be politically correct to continue with urban sprawl that covers nearly 40 acres of American farm & ranch land per hour, much of which is some of America’s prime farmland, and that this is spurred on by overpopulation driven by mass immigration. As the “breadbasket of the world” it’s our responsibility to protect our farmland to help feed the world.   








U. S. & World Population Clock








Annual Projections of U. S. Population from 1999 to 2100

Produced by the U. S. Census Bureau and Released in 2000 (pdf file)

[Mid-level Projections, Low-level Projections, High-level Projections &

Zero International Migration Projections]  or



Persons Obtaining Lawful Permanent Resident Status:

Fiscal Years 1820 – 2019



Immigration Statistics, U. S. Department of Homeland Security



Worldometers, World and Top 20 Country Population Statistics









For more information on population & demographics

and for differing points of view on immigration see:

The World Directory of Population, Demography and Immigration Organizations








Some Other Immigration Moderation Organizations Around the World

(DRRI does not necessarily endorse the policies and actions of these organizations)


Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) [USA]


ECOPOP [Switzerland]


Immigration Control Platform (ICP) [Ireland]


Immigration Watch Canada (IWC)


Migration Watch UK [United Kingdom]




Population Institute Canada (PIC)


Population Matters [UK]


Sustainable Population Australia (SPA)








Some Interesting Articles on Mass Immigration

(DRRI does not necessarily endorse or completely agree with any of these articles)


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In U.S., Support for Decreasing Immigration Holds Steady [Gallup August 24, 2016]


Overall U.S. Desire to Decrease Immigration Unchanged in 2017 [Gallup June 7-11, 2017] 


The Environmental Argument for Reducing Immigration to the United States [Editor’s choice – please read!]


U. S. Immigration and the Environment [pdf] [Highly recommended]


True toll of Mass Migration on UK Life: Half of Britons suffer under strain placed on schools, police, NHS and Housing


U.S. population to hit 1 billion in 2100, prof says


The folly of mass immigration


Unmaking England – Will Immigration Demolish in Decades a Nation Built over Centuries? [Editor’s comment – Wow!]


Why the Left is Wrong about Immigration [An excellent article on globalism and the nation state – A must-read for all pc people!]









U. S. Population Through History








Population Pyramid – United States








Podcast: A Progressive Views The Environmental Costs of U.S. Immigration: Ethicist Dr. Philip Cafaro









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